Thematically Linked, Thought-Provoking Theatre


The mission of Throughline Theatre Company is to demonstrate the existence of common themes throughout literary history that bridge generations and bring into perspective the constancy of the human condition.  We achieve this by presenting a series of plays each season from disparate time periods, notably Classical, 20th Century, Contemporary and New works, finding a throughline that bridges generations of theatrical experience.



Artistic & Production

Sarah McPartland - Artistic Director -

Shannon Knapp - Production Manager -

Paige Borak - Assistant Production Manager -

Brian Pope - Literary Manager -

Jalina McClarin - Volunteer Coordinator -

Dan Freeman - Artistic Associate -


Management & Marketing

Katherine Stienstra - Managing Director & Accessibility Coordinator -

Eric Leslie - Business Manager -

Hannah Brizzi - Marketing Director -

Michael McBurney - Director of Public Relations -

Joe Ashenden - Special Events Coordinator -



Joanne Moore - President

Patrick Conner - Vice President

Bob Rak - Treasurer

Katie Trupiano - Secretary and Director of Education

Lauren Connolly

Katherine Stienstra

Ryan Tierno - Advisory Board Member

Briana Tierno - Advisory Board Member

Deb Cotariu - Advisory Board Member