Season's Greetings!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the curtain rise on a Throughline Theatre performance, but for that to happen we need your support. So this is a love letter - to all of you, our artists and patrons past and present - because performing a good, challenging play for an intelligent group of people who want to reflect on the world through a work of art is absolute heaven to us.
After leaving the Grey Box Theatre in the fall of 2015 we have worked hard to select a theatre we can call home. We have identified Pittsburgh Playwrights Theater as our new venue for the 2018 season and we need help raising the funds to secure our future there. We are a small community theatre with big dreams; and our past few seasons have been important milestones for all of us. We’ve taken on a series of challenging and vastly different plays (from the trials of Nuremburg to the trials and tribulations of being a woman). We’ve provoked hundreds of discussions about the nature of family, the government, the search for meaningful existence, and the impact of unjust persecution.

However, a few seasons isn’t enough time! And it’s not even a long time; but it does mean a lot of seats to fill on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, or Thursday, Friday, or Saturday nights! That’s where you come in. Just as love takes two, so does our future. We are asking all of our donors, past and present, to join our sustaining member campaign on Patreon. By giving a $10, $5 or even $2 dollar monthly donation, you’ll make our new home a reality.

Rest assured, this will not be a one-sided relationship. In return for your generosity, we’ll grant you backstage access to members-only material; director’s concepts, artist interviews, and pictures of local actors and technicians, just to name a few. You can reach our portion of the Patreon site by following this link, creating an account, and choosing Throughline Theatre as a creator to support Your Tax-deductible donations make a huge difference in our ability to bring you the best Throughline plays with some of the best talent in Pittsburgh.
So please help us continue, dear theatre-lovers, as we have more issues and stories to tackle. Together. Thank you for your compassionate support of our mission.
We’ll see you at curtain (with our undying love and gratitude),

Sean Patrick Sears     Katherine Stienstra
Artistic Director        Managing Director