March 2019

After our holiday hiatus we jump back into the blog with a note from our Marketing Director, Hannah Brizzi

The Great Works Continues was an article I stumbled upon early last year. It lists the 25 Best American Plays Since Angels in America. Kushner’s classic is my favorite play of all time. I read it in college and became obsessed with Harper’s journey. Throughline Theatre Company performed Angels in America in 2014 to celebrate their five year anniversary. Looking at the article though, I realized that the number of plays that I read was pretty low. Yes, I had read the Shakespeare classics and a couple of odd-ball plays in college like Dog Sees God and Rockaby, but I saw that my literary journey could use an update.  I started diving in and devouring plays like Ruined, The Humans and This Is Our Youth. I added a couple more to the list and without even knowing it was going to be a part of our season, I picked up ‘Night, Mother by Marsha Norman. It had rave reviews and during it’s professional runs had featured acclaimed actors like Kathy Bates and Sissy Spacek. It’s not an easy read. The play tackles difficult issues like mental health and suicide. Throughline recognizes the seriousness of these issues and will be sharing opportunities for awareness and prevention as our show approaches.

There are so many fantastic plays out there that aren’t the typical ones you see all the time. I’m so proud to be a part of a company that is featuring those interesting and original plays, along with brand-new plays like How To Die Alone from the New Play Exchange.