September 2018

Our Marketing Director, Hannah Brizzi, shares her thoughts on the past season and how we can make next season great:

What a season it has been! We have recently closed our 2018 season, one that I was lucky enough to be a part of. Pittsburgh never ceases to amaze me with it's incredible talent. When I showed up at the read-through for Picasso at the Lapin Agile, I was blown away by the talent around me. I hadn't done a comedy for a long time and I forgot how much fun rehearsals can be when you are just laughing constantly.

The laughs continued when I attended Ubu Roi and The Inspector General. When I read the scripts months ago, I couldn't imagine what these shows would look like up on their feet. I'm continually in admiration of our directors and creative teams and their incredible visions.

If there is one thing I realized during my time here at Throughline Theatre Company, it is how much work goes into making the shows happen. We are talking hours behind the scenes of people working late nights and weekends to get these shows up, noticed and seen. All on a volunteer basis. Yep, people might not know that we don't get paid. So that means it is just a team of very enthusiastic theater lovers that want to do everything they can to bring theater to the public. It is honestly the best kind of people to be around. I would encourage you to help us out by joining Patreon today. For as little as one fancy drink from Starbucks a month (seriously, the price of your Pumpkin Spice Latte), you can make an incredible difference for Throughline. Learn more about here:

Thanks for reading and supporting local art!

July 2018

Our newest Throughline Company member, Jalina McClarin, fills us in on how she got involved in theatre:

Growing up, I never had a lightbulb moment when I realized, “I want to be involved in theatre!” I never saw any plays outside of the ones put on in school, but I also never considered missing an audition. Acting in school plays was a given, but never a passion. During college though, I fell in love with theatre, but I didn’t (and still don’t!) have any educational background to support my interest, so it took me a couple years after graduating to work up the gumption to audition elsewhere. Last summer, when I finally managed to power through that fear, I auditioned for and was cast in Throughline’s production of Cloud 9. This show zapped me into a perspective shift. Theatre was no longer just something I participated in for social fun; it was very quickly becoming the most fulfilling part of my life.

Since last summer, I’ve been on that high. Pittsburgh is so saturated with opportunities to get
involved, and I’m genuinely still taken aback by how warm and accepting the community is. Throughline, for example, has not only accepted me back for a second show (The Inspector General, opening August 10th), but has welcomed me onto their Artistic Committee as the Volunteer Coordinator. Thanks to Throughline, I have the ability to contribute to the community not only as an actor, but as one of the people who helps Make It Happen.
I’m just… so thankful, and I want anyone who might be a little afraid to get involved to know that there’s honestly nothing stopping you. There’s so much theatre happening in Pittsburgh, and at Throughline specifically, that there’s room for you. You will be welcomed, I know it.

P.S. -- I honestly did not intend for this blog to end up a sappy pile of “oh my goodness, thank you!” and “you can do it!” but I guess when I think about theatre right now, that’s what comes out.

June 2018

Join us for the Inspector General Improv Comedy Crash Course!

On August 18th at 6:45pm Connor McCanlus, Michael McBurney, and Tyler Ray Kendrick will be teaching the fundamentals of improv!

Connor McCanlus (Director) is a local comedy performer, producer, and director whose work has been featured in Chicago (Second City, The iO Theater, MCL Chicago, Athenaeum) and NYC (Upright Citizens Brigade, The Magnet Theater, The People's Improv Theater). He has taught improv and musical improv workshops at Philly Improv Theater, Coalition Theater in Virginia, and the University of Pittsburgh and coached the Point Park University improv club from 2014-2016. His team Well Known Strangers hosts the weekly Pittsburgh Improv Jam at the Cabaret at Theater Square; he performs monthly at Arcade Comedy Theater in Well Known Strangers with Extra Cheese and The babyGRAND Show.

Mike McBurney (Bobchinski) has been performing improv regularly at Arcade Comedy Theater since 2014. He is a member of short-form max team 8-Bit and house team Penny Arcade, which produces matinee shows for children on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. He also coaches the short-form house team Game Shark.

Tyler Ray Kendrick (Svistunov) has been taking classes, performing, coaching, and teaching comedy in Pittsburgh for the last 3 years. He's well experienced in writing and performing stand-up and sketch comedy as well. He started taking classes at Steel City Improv Theatre and the Unplanned Comedy Warehouse where he currently teaches.

Afterwards, stick around to enjoy Throughline Theatre Company's production of The Inspector General

Suggested donation of $5 for the Comedy Crash Course. Please note, this does not include a ticket for the show. Please sign up below if you plan to attend!

November 2017

Our November update comes from our Assistant Production Manager, Dan Freeman. He fills us in on some of upcoming events and why we chose the plays in our 2018 season:

"Hello, friends of Throughline! Here we are in the doldrums of autumn, but the Pittsburgh theatre scene – as well as our company! – are vibrant as always. I am very excited for what’s to come to Throughline with our 2018 season. We have decided to curate a season of comedy! With the seemingly ceaseless stress of living in our world today, we at Throughline thought it would be a welcome relief to take a step back and let our wonderful audiences laugh their cares away. We will be producing The Inspector General, Ubu Roi, and Picasso at the Lapin Agile; these shows come from different times and different places, and represent a dynamic range of comedic techniques – but each is sure to have something to make ‘em laugh! I’m so thrilled to be able to work with such a talented group of theatre-makers, and hope you’ll be able to join us in 2018!"