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As a non-profit theatre company, every dollar that Throughline Theatre Company collects goes directly back into producing the highest caliber theatre of which we are capable. At Throughline, ticket sales account for slightly less than half of our overall expenses. The remainder of our costs are covered by the generous donations of our patrons.

The last few years have seen exciting changes for Throughline, with a great new location at the Henry Heymann Theatre in Oakland, and more ambitious designs for our sets, lights, and costumes. These changes, of course, come with costs. With your tax-deductible donation, Throughline can keep this trend going into our 2017 season and continue producing theatre we're excited to present, and we hope you are excited to see.

2016 was a great year for Throughline Theatre, and with your help, 2017 and beyond will be even better.

Donations are accepted through the website using the button below or via PayPal. Please use the email to send donations via PayPal.

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