Dark Sinned Pavement by T.J. Parker-Young

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Saturday, October 19th, 7:30pm, Irma Freeman Center for Imagination


By William Dunlap

May 10th - 18th

Written in 1798, Andre is credited as the first truly American play, exploring the conviction and hanging of Major John Andre, who was implicated with Benedict Arnold as a spy for the British during the American Revolution. The play asks difficult questions about how to define treason and served to define an American character in terms of “we are not European”.

Night Mother 2019 season.png

 ‘night Mother        

By Marsha Norman

July 19th - 27th

The 1978 Pulitzer Prize winning Best Play, ‘night Mother tells the story of a young woman disillusioned with her life. Confined by society’s misunderstanding of her epilepsy, she cares for an aging mother up to her calm and reasonable breaking point. This play fractures the American identifier “we are not fragile”.


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